Introducing the all-new PYRO Tag from CCPI Europe

Thermocouple data analysis just got even quicker & easier!

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In order to meet the challenging technical needs of our customers, CCPI Europe has developed a revolutionary smartphone app for thermocouple data analysis.

All CCPI Europe thermocouples come with smart tags and now feature a barcode on every label.
When scanning the barcode with the PYRO Tag app, this will access all the information about that particular product.

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Saves you time
Developed specifically to reduce the lengthy process of data entry,  giving you the time to focus on other tasks.

Removes human error
All the thermocouple data you need can be sent directly to your email, also removing costly errors & giving you peace of mind.

Streamlines audits
All certificates are also accessible from the app 24/7. Therefore, no need for that mountain of paperwork on your desk.

The PYRO Tag app removes all human error from the data entry process, as well as removing the need for mountains of paperwork.
Not only that but it makes audits swift and simple!

Instant access to;

  • Serial numbers
  • Calibration data
  • Quality data
  • Product re-orders
  • Product quotes
  • Certificates

Any of the data and certificates can be sent to your email address for importing directly to your calibration compliance software.

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As a result, no more paperwork, errors or hassle




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