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About C3 Data

CCPI Europe’s exclusive partnership with C3 Data allows for the distribution of their furnace software compliance products throughout the UK and Europe.
C3 Data’s innovative furnace software solutions are now available for streamlining furnace compliance processes for Nadcap, AMS2750, and CQI-9. Our solutions are streamlining pyrometry testing processes to drive efficiency and provide you with peace of mind, knowing furnaces are qualified and audit-ready.

C3 Data helps Heat Treaters, Quality Managers and Calibration Laboratory Managers ensure furnace compliance with Nadcap, AMS2750 & CQI-9.
C3’s mobile solution is tailored to simplify the furnace compliance process. From defining what tests and tolerances are required, to the scheduling and collecting test data, to reporting and proof-of-compliance, we cover it all.
Providing real-time visualisation of furnace compliance, C3 Data affords you the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing your furnaces are qualified to run product and are “audit-ready”.

C3 Data Portal

Here you can manage and view all the instruments, sensors, personnel and accompanying test data used to determine furnace compliance.
Your dashboard provides a graphical view of this data and can be customised in any number of different ways. Included in your C3 dashboard is a “Green=GO, Red=NO” real-time visual indicator of a furnace’s ability (or inability) to run production according to spec.


Key Advantages

  • Saves Time: Reduces time needed by 20%
  • Accurate: Reduces errors when collecting and reporting test data
  • Immediate Results: Creates CAL and SAT Reports on-site
  • Audit Ready: Streamlines Audit preparation for Heat Treaters and Labs
  • Convenient: Schedules and tracks tests (calendar integration)
  • User Friendly: Displays pass/fail results immediately
  • Always Current: Validates changes to AMS-2750 & CQI-9 and updates you automatically
  • Secure: Secure password protected login

Ecapture Features

  • Secure Login
  • Tests
  • Standards
  • Sensors

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