G-Glass / Fibreglass Insulated Thermocouple Wire / Cable

For the G-Glass Fibreglass Thermocouple Cable, individual conductors are insulated with general-purpose fibreglass and with an overall fibreglass jacket. Designed for continuous use in temperatures rating up to 510 °C (950 °F). Fibreglass is flexible and can be ordered twisted with reduced itch Tuffbond™ construction. Industrial applications such as heat treatment, metal forgings, metal qualifications and aluminium can use G-Glass Insulated Thermocouple Cable.

Product Specifications

Conductors: Solid or stranded thermocouple wire per ASTM E230 & ANSI MC96.1
Insulation: Braided fiberglass with high-temperature impregnation* (24 to 30 AWG Served Glass)
Construction: Parallel conductors
Jacket: Braided fiberglass with high-temperature impregnation*
Operating Temperature: +950 °F (+510 °C) continuous +1200 °F (+650 °C) single exposure
Limits of Error: Conforms to ASTM E230, IEC 584, and ANSI MC 96.1
Color Code: Conforms to ASTM E230 and ANSI MC96.1 (International Color Codes Available)

*Impregnation maintained to +400 °F (+200 °C)

Available Options

  • Reduced Itch TuffbondTM Impregnation on Singles
  • Stabilized Type K & Type E Conductors
  • Fused PTFE Tape Moisture Barrier
  • Double Glass Braid Insulation
  • Twisted/Shielded Pair
  • Metal Coverings
  • Tighter than Special Limit Accuracy Tolerances
  • Special Color Codes
  • Calibration Test Reports

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G-Glass Fiberglass Insulated Thermocouple Wire / Cable