Syalon Protection Tubes

Introduced to the aluminium industry over a decade ago, Syalon is a high density, technical ceramic. It is a remarkably strong ceramic, but like all ceramic materials it possesses little or no ductility. It should not be subjected to impact cleaning or fitting procedures.

Syalon protection tubes are world renowned for their outstanding performance in contact with non-ferrous molten metals, particularly aluminium and zinc.

Syalon has a good resistance to thermal shocks, it is non-wetting to most non-ferrous alloys, making it resistant to build up of dross and is therefore very low maintenance.

Whilst it may not be necessary to pre-heat the tube in applications under 750°C, it is recommended that the tube should be held about the entry port for a short period prior to immersion.

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PDF Syalon Protection Tubes Datasheet:

Syalon Protection Tubes