4 Wire PT100

4 Wire PT100 | 1mm Diameter | Ultra low profile design

In a 4 wire PT100 / RTD (Resistance Thermometer Device) the actual resistance of the lead wires can be determined and removed from the sensor measurement. The circuit is a true 4-wire bridge, which works by using wires 1 & 4 to power the circuit and wires 2 & 3 to read.

The 4 wire configuration provides the most reliable and accurate results, with the added benefit of completely eliminating the lead wire resistance from the temperature measurement.

The ultra-fine 1mm outer diameter of the probe is unintrusive and allows accurate measurement with minimal interference to the surrounding areas.

The highly accurate Platinum element provides reliability even in the most hostile of environments.

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Sensor variations available;
Sensor TypesPt100 | 4 Wire Configuration
Sensor ClassClass A | 1/10th Din
Sensor Diameter1mm
Sheath Material316 Stainless Steel | 231 Stainless Steel
Sheath LengthSubject to customer requirements
Temperature RangeMin -196 °C | Max 500 °C
Cold Junction OptionsTails | Cables | Plugs | Sockets
Delivery Time4 weeks from order receipt

4 Wire Pt100 1mm Diameter