A Resistance Temperature Device (RTD) or Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) is a highly stable and precise sensor. RTD Assemblies can be made from a single filament wire or a thin Platinum (Pt) film and are also protected by a ceramic substrate.

As the name, Resistance Temperature Device describes, these sensors work on the principle as temperature increases, so does resistance. The RTD Assembly elements produce a near-linear output of temperature vs. resistance. With this relationship, very accurate measurements can be taken.

Whilst the sensing elements are available in 3 main construction types; Ceramic wire wound, Ceramic thin film and Ceramic thick film, and are also available in many shapes and sizes. They do normally require some form of protection from their intended sensing environment.

This can be achieved in many ways with the adding of suitable protection housing and adding suitable connection wires. It is always worth remembering that the RTD Assemblies sensing element is constructed from ceramic, and does not like to be bent. This should be taken into consideration when designing any suitable assembly and will affect the choice of element required. Other element materials are also available to suit most industrial requirements.

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