Vacuum Furnace Thermocouple Assemblies

Designed and manufactured exclusively for use in vacuum furnaces, our bespoke-made, noble metal Vacuum Furnace thermocouple assemblies come with a vacuum gland for a trustworthy seal.

Our innovative designs and high-quality ceramic sheaths ensure the long life and reliability of our temperature sensors. The attention to detail in our manufacturing and high quality parts ensures our Vacuum Furnace Thermocouple Assemblies provide accuracy and reliability at the high temperatures it will encounter.
Our sensors are bespoke-made and constructed in a clean room environment to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


  • Available as type R, type S and type B
  • Operates in temperatures that are up to 1800 °C – depending on sensor construction
  • A wide variety of sheath options are available to suit customer requirements

Optional thermal calibration is available in our fully automated, UKAS accredited thermal calibration laboratory (No. 0600) (ISO 17025).
The CCPI Europe Calibration laboratory operates in the temperature range of –200 °C up to and including 1600 °C. It proudly holds some of the tightest uncertainties of measurement for thermal calibrations held by a commercial calibration laboratory.

Find out more about the CCPI Europe Thermal Calibration Laboratory.

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Vacuum Furnace Thermocouple Assemblies