Crown Thermocouple Assemblies

All CCPI Europe Crown Thermocouple Assemblies are manufactured with high purity Alumina. This is for stability and reliability in the hostile environment it will encounter in the glass melting furnace.

Precision is critical as erosion will occur if the temperature is too high and if the temperature is too low this may therefore reduce the melting efficiency. As well as increasing fuel costs and increase the possibility of rejected products.

Our Crown Thermocouple Assemblies conductors are constructed from a precious metal such as Platinum and Rhodium and can be operated in the temperature range of –0 °C all the way up to 1800 °C, depending on the thermocouple type. Common Noble Metal Thermocouple types available are Type R, Type S, Type B. These have unique characteristics for use in a vast range of high-temperature industrial environments.

CCPI Europe utilises extensive automation allowing for optional thermal calibration. This is within our UKAS accredited thermal calibration laboratory (No. 0600) (ISO 17025).
The CCPI Europe Calibration laboratory operates in the temperature range of –200 °C up to and including 1600 °C. It also proudly holds some of the tightest uncertainties of measurement for thermal calibrations held by a commercial calibration laboratory.

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Crown Thermocouple Assemblies