TRAC - Traceable Records of Accuclave® Calibration

All AccuClave and AccuClave-X products have a traceability code permanently etched on their connectors and come with the exclusive use of the online TRAC system (Traceable Records of Accuclave® Calibration). The design of the system simplifies and speeds up the audit process for both heat treaters & pyrometry users. Built exclusively for providing autoclave composites manufacturers with instant access to their calibration records & product information, all available securely 24/7.


How to use your AccuClave Series Thermocouples with TRAC 

To retrieve all the information you could need regarding a specific product, visit the TRAC webpage.

Enter the unique 8-character TRAC code appearing on your connector (Number is two alpha characters followed by six numeric characters).
We etch the code onto the AccuClave connector for full visibility, no matter the environment it may encounter.

Correction factor calibration data will appear for each temperature for which the wire has undergone calibration.
In addition you will be able to determine the part number, product description, calibration date, production date, and the manufacturing work order code.

For more information or to speak to one of our temperature measurement experts, please get in touch!

TRAC Traceable Records of Accuclave® Calibration