PEEKSense ™ Thermocouple Sensor is the next generation of temperature sensing products for the manufacturing of advanced thermoplastic composites

This brand-new high temperature autoclave thermocouple assembly for PEEK composite applications retains the same proven characteristics of our AccuClave product line. PEEKSense ™ was specifically designed with our customers’ needs in mind, bringing together the best of TE Wire’s temperature sensing capabilities and our quality guarantee to reach greater temperatures for longer cycles.


  • Conforms to Special Limits ASTM E230/E230M, Class 1 IEC 60584, and BAC 5621
  • J calibration ± 1.1°C (2.0°F) or ± 0.4%
  • Gauge size 24 awg
  • Available in lengths 3-100FT
  • Traceability code (TRAC) permanently laser etched on connector
  • High tensile strength
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Strong abrasion resistance

All products in the AccuClave Thermocouple & Extension Cable Series  have a traceability code permanently etched on their connectors. To retrieve all information regarding a specific product, visit TRAC, enter the 8-character TRAC code appearing on your connector. Correction factor calibration data will appear for each temperature for which the wire has undergone calibration. In addition you will be able to determine the part number, product description, calibration date, production date, and the manufacturing work order code.

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PEEKSense Thermocouple Sensor