AccuFlex ™ - Low Profile, Flat Thermocouple Cable Assemblies

AccuFlex innovative, low-profile, flat thermocouple cable assemblies help make composite field repairs easy. As a recent addition to the AccuClave autoclave pre-assembled thermocouple series, the design was inspired by the need for very small cross section thermocouple wire required for the field repair of composites, such as repairing damaged aircraft flight surfaces.


  •  Temperature: Up to 500°F (260°C).
  • Available in: Type J or type K thermocouple cable assemblies.
  • BAC 5621 compliant.
  • Gauge: Flat thermocouple wire, equivalent to 28-gauge, laminated between layers of rugged polyimide tape. The thickest point is less than 0.012 inch, which is four times thinner than a 28 gauge round wire thermocouple wire.
  • Grade: Special limits.
  • Two ends: We terminate one end with an injection moulded ASTM standard pin configuration thermocouple connector; the other end is a welded thermocouple junction.
  • Cable length: Specified by customers

All products in the AccuClave Thermocouple & Extension Cable Series  have a traceability code permanently etched on their connectors. To retrieve all information regarding a specific product, visit TRAC, enter the 8-character TRAC code appearing on your connector. Correction factor calibration data will appear for each temperature for which the wire has undergone calibration. In addition you will be able to determine the part number, product description, calibration date, production date, and the manufacturing work order code.

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AccuFlex Low Profile, Flat Thermocouple Cable Assemblies