AccuClave® X

AccuClave X - Reusable Thermocouple Extension Cables

AccuClave®-X Extension Cables are designed to bridge the long runs between thermocouples and instrumentation or jack panels. They remain in place in the autoclave and can be used 100 times or more, therefore saving money on replacing long length thermocouples.
This pays back the cost of the AccuClave®-X Extension Cables in only a few curing cycles. The ready to use assemblies save setup time & reduce Autoclave downtime, saving you even more.

The reusable AccuClave-X Extension Cable is BAC 5621 compliant and can also be reused 100 times or more. When used in combination with disposable, shorter length AccuClave Thermocouples, you can realise significant savings in your autoclave applications!


Type J or Type K thermocouple calibration, Class 1 special limits, custom construction

Available in lengths of 10, 20 and 30 feet

All products in the AccuClave Thermocouple & Extension Cable Series  have a traceability code permanently etched on their connectors. To retrieve all information regarding a specific product, visit TRAC, enter the 8-character TRAC code appearing on your connector. Correction factor calibration data will appear for each temperature for which the wire was calibrated. In addition you will be able to determine the part number, product description, calibration date, production date, and the manufacturing work order code.

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Accuclave X Thermocouple Extension Cable