We use our temperature measurement solutions in the waste recycling and crematoria industries. Additionally, incineration plants use these solutions to monitor and measure temperature for environmental and energy management.

Our thermocouples for waste disposal furnaces and incineration plants can provide precise and reliable accuracy in the harsh, volatile environments they will encounter. We construct and manufacture all temperature sensors using the highest quality parts to suit your bespoke needs and specifications.

As a result of years of technical expertise and temperature measurement solutions, we have helped our customers improve the quality of their products. As well as helping them to reduce both production downtime and operational costs.

Any sensors requiring calibration go through a process in our laboratory which utilises extensive automation and holds full UKAS accreditation in a thermal calibration laboratory (No. 0600) (ISO 17025) and therefore calibrated to your exact specification requirements. Our state-of-the-art laboratory also has operational capabilities in the temperature range of –200 °C up to and including 1600 °C. Also we proudly boast some of the tightest uncertainties of measurement for thermal calibrations held by a commercial calibration laboratory.
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