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Where We Specialise

For over 30 years we have provided our customers with high quality and reliable temperature measurement solutions. We understand the importance of reliability and precision in temperature measurement for the industries we work alongside.


Aerospace Industry

We provide accurate, reliable and long-lasting temperature measurement products to the Aerospace industry. Our products meet the most stringent quality specifications, including: AMS2750, RRP54000, BAC5621.


Composite Industry

Our partnership with our Marmon sister company means CCPI Europe now stock TE Wire & Cable AccuFlex™ and AccuClave® products for Composite indusrty applications.



Aluminium Industry

We have worked with the Aluminium industry since CCPI Europe was founded in 1984. Our products help improve the quality and efficiency of your metal production.



When it comes to the steel industry we have the experience, products and dedicated team to be your partner of choice. Our cost effective and bespoke thermocouples have earned us the reputation of being experts in this field.



The glass manufacturing process requires precision temperature measurement at every stage which is fundamental to the quality of the finished product. CCPI Europe expertise allows our glass industry customers to meet these high expectations.


Automotive Industry

We collaborate with customers within the Automotive industry to deliver quality, reliable and accurate temperature measurement products to meet industry standards, including: CQI-9.


Other Industries

Our accurate, reliable and cost effective temperature measurement products can be used across a wide range of industries where temperature measurement is important to the process. Industries include: Waste Recycling, Bricks and Cement, Medical & Food , Semiconductor, Crematoria.


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