Discover the answers to some of the FAQ our customers ask us. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please get in touch, we are always happy to help.


Can I buy a thermocouple?

Of course! We need to know the following information so we can ensure we manufacture to your exact requirements.

Thermocouple type, length, diameter, hot junction termination, cold junction termination, sheath material, calibration required, specifications worked too, operating temperature and quantity required.


What’s the maximum temperature I can use my thermocouples in?

The maximum temperature completely depends on the thermocouple type, diameter and sheath.


Do you have thermocouple in stock?

We don’t have thermocouples in stock as everything we make is bespoke as well as manufactured to customers individual specifications. However, we do stock agreements with customers for call off.


How long does shipping take?

Shipping will depend on location and delivery option. For the UK it can be next working day, Europe can also be next working day (express delivery) or up to 3 working days (standard delivery). Worldwide can vary depending on location.

How can I access my certificates online?

You can access your calibration certificates through the CCPI Europe certificate portal.


How can I return my goods back to CCPI Europe?

Returning items for re-calibration, recycling or investigating can be done via the CCPI Europe Returns Portal.

To begin with, complete the online form, providing as much information as possible. Once the returning items are reviewed and accepted, you will receive a PDF to print off with our shipping address and your unique reference number.


How does CCPI Europe look after my property?

CCPI Europe ensures that we maintain any property belonging to customers or external providers, sent for repair, modification, recycling, complaint, investigation or calibration, in a satisfactory condition.
As a result, we handle all customers property with due care and attention at all times.


Can I recycle my used thermocouples?

Yes, CCPI Europe offers recycling of parts such as terminal heads, plugs and sockets and noble metal wire.