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On-site Calibration Services

CCPI Europe’s UKAS Accredited Calibrations Laboratory (No. 0600) (ISO17025) holds some of the tightest Uncertainties of measurement or Calibration Measurement Capabilities (CMC’s) granted by UKAS for the calibration of thermal measurement equipment.

CCPI Europe on-site service team provide a managed calibration service solution, working with our customers to assist in the calibration of all thermal processing equipment.

The CCPI Europe on-site calibration reports are clear, accurate and designed to meet the requirements of AIAG CQI-9, API6, BS2M54, AMS2750 and RRP54000 (Rolls Royce).

The on-site calibration team are UKAS (No. 0600) (ISO17025) accredited for a wide range of thermocouple on-site calibrations and temperature uniformity surveys.


On-site Team

Our team of highly experienced, fully trained, Safe Contractor® approved engineers are equipped to perform the following operations, whether it is a small oven, vacuum furnace, large autoclave or cryogenic equipment:

• Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS)
• Calibration of heat treatment control/monitoring instrumentation
• System Accuracy Tests (SAT)
• Supply and installation of process and SAT thermocouples.

The documents we provide are fully compliant with NADCAP audits.


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