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Instrument Calibration

CCPI Europe’s UKAS Accredited Calibrations Laboratory (No. 0600) (ISO17025) holds some of the tightest Uncertainties of measurement or Calibration Measurement Capabilities (CMC’s) granted by UKAS for the calibration of thermal measurement equipment.


Instrument Calibration Range

The CCPI Europe calibration laboratory offers a calibration service for the complete range of thermal measurement equipment. Inclusive of controllers, loggers, indicators, chart recorders, transmitters and calibrators / simulators. The CCPI Europe laboratory provides certification levels to meet all your requirements. From UKAS (No. 0600) certification to proprietary certification to meet the full requirements of aerospace and automotive specifications.

Field test and Secondary instrument calibration level certification for AMS2750 has been specially developed by the CCPI Europe laboratory team. This along with an email recall system to make sure your instrument calibrations always meet specification requirements for both accuracy and calibration date.


Electrical Temperature Calibration

Calibration of instruments used for thermal measurements can be conducted in two different ways. As a pure electrical calibration or in the setup mode as the instruments are actually used. Instrument calibration certificates are often issued which only test the pure electrical performance of the instrument not how the customer uses the equipment.

CCPI Europe as standard conduct all electrical calibrations with the instruments set up as they are actually used. This is often a longer and higher cost calibration but it is the only one that indicates the actual performance capability of the instrument. Check out CCPI Europe’s laboratories accuracies (CMC).


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