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Comparison Calibrations

CCPI Europe’s UKAS Accredited Calibrations Laboratory (No. 0600) (ISO17025) holds some of the tightest Uncertainties of measurement or Calibration Measurement Capabilities (CMC’s) granted by UKAS for the comparison calibration of all thermocouple types and Resistance thermometers.

This is achieved over the temperature range -200 to 1600 °C enabling all industry needs to be met.


Comparison Calibrations

This is when a temperature sensor requiring test is compared against a reference sensor (could be thermocouple or Platinum Resistance thermometer [PRT] as examples) in a thermally stable environment working at the temperature required.

Readings are taken from both reference and test sensors under stable conditions. As corrections can be made to the previously calibrated reference sensor readings, the true environment temperature can be calculated and from this and the test sensor readings so can the test sensor correction or error.

In the range -200 to 500 °C PRTs are often used as reference sensors, above 500 °C Platinum/Rhodium thermocouples are the preferred reference sensor (type R, S or B).


Comparison calibration easy concept

Comparison calibration is an easy concept to understand, simply comparing the outputs of a reference sensor against a test sensor or sensors in a stable environment and calculating the differences or corrections from the readings taken. It is also the most commonly practiced form of calibration. However it is also very easy to get wrong!

The main error when conducting comparison calibrations is not getting the reference and test sensors at the same temperature at the same time. This can be due to a varying environment and / or the differing thermal mass sizes of the sensor.

CCPI Europe laboratory comparison calibrations

The CCPI Europe Laboratory provides a full range of comparison calibrations for temperature sensors. From a single test sensor at one temperature point to hundreds of sensors covering their full temperature range and all variation between. CCPI Europe certification is presented in a clear and easily readable format with the accuracy levels and timely delivery the CCPI Europe organisation is renowned for.

Check out the CCPI Europe’s laboratory accuracies (CMC)


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