Instrument Calibration

The calibration of instruments used for thermal temperature measurements that read directly in °C and °F, can be conducted in two very different ways. The first, as a pure electrical calibration, which tests the electrical performance of the instrument. The second method is using the instruments internal cold junction features to give the true performance capabilities of the instrument.

Instrument Calibration Range

The CCPI Europe calibration laboratory offers a calibration service for the complete range of thermal measurement equipment. Inclusive of controllers, loggers, indicators, chart recorders, transmitters and calibrators / simulators. The CCPI Europe thermal calibration laboratory provides certification levels to meet all your specific requirements. From UKAS (No. 0600) certification to proprietary certification to meet the full requirements of Aerospace and Automotive specifications.

Field test and secondary instrument calibration level certification for AMS2750, has been specially developed in house by the CCPI Europe laboratory, technical & software teams.
This along with an automated email recall system to make sure your instruments always meet the very latest specification requirements for both accuracy and calibration date.


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