Comparison Calibration

The CCPI Europe Laboratory provides a full range of comparison calibration options for temperature sensors. From a single test sensor at one temperature point to hundreds of sensors covering their full temperature range and all variation in between. CCPI Europe certification is presented in a clear and easily readable format with the accuracy levels and timely delivery the CCPI Europe organisation is renowned for.

What is a Comparison Calibration?

This is when a temperature sensor requiring test is compared against a reference sensor in a thermally stable environment working at the temperature required. As corrections can be made to the previously calibrated reference sensor readings, the true environment temperature can be calculated and from this and the test sensor readings, so can the test sensor correction.
In the range -200 to 500 °C PRTs are often used as reference sensors, above 500 °C Platinum/Rhodium thermocouples are the preferred reference sensor (type R, S or B).

For comparison calibrations, we have developed highly sophisticated measurement and analytical software. This allows accurate and efficient comparison calibration of all thermocouple types giving our customers peace of mind.