Coil Calibration

CCPI Europe’s Laboratory pioneered the implementation of the coil calibration concept in the late 1990's before the approval of Aerospace & Automotive specifications (AMS2750 & CQI-9). We conduct this calibration option to deliver accuracy, consistency and suitability when our thermocouples are used in temperature measurement applications.

The calibration of coils is the method used to qualify a coil or reel of thermocouple wire/cable as suitable for use in temperature measurement applications.
All aerospace and automotive heat treatment specifications confirm this as an approved way of identifying and qualifying a coil or reel of thermocouple wire or cable.

This method of calibration is used for;
Base Metal (Types K, N, T or J) and Noble Metal (Types R, S or B) metal thermocouple combinations.

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Base Metal Thermocouples

Calibration of coils are conducted using the comparison calibration method on base metal thermocouple combinations. This is by sampling and calibrating both ends of a coil of base metal thermocouple wire or cable. This is conducted over a wide calibration temperature range, allowing both accuracy and consistency of the coil to be established. Thermocouples can be manufactured from the remaining coil length. Data from the calibration can also be attributed to the finished thermocouples. Therefore providing a detailed wide temperature range of calibration data for the thermocouples which gives a significant saving from the conventional individual thermocouple calibration method.

Noble Metal Thermocouples

Coil calibrations can be conducted using either the fixed point or comparison calibration method on noble metal thermocouple combinations. The advantages as indicated for base metal thermocouples apply when using the comparison calibration method with the opportunity of the highest level of accuracy, when the fixed-point calibration method is used.

Calibration of the coil and the combination of high-quality materials and manufacturing methods have been pioneered by CCPI Europe. This is to enable customers to have the most cost effective, long life temperature sensors without compromising accuracy.