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It is our degree of precision in everything we do that gives our customers peace of mind. We work to manufacturing best practices to create consistently reliable products and in-process solutions.

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In 1984 Consolidated Ceramic Products Inc. of Blanchester Ohio established a sales office in Sheffield UK to sell mainly Ceramic Coated Cast Iron products to the Aluminium Industry. Before long Customers started to ask for thermocouple sensors and manufacturing of these sensors began in Sheffield.

Driven by ever increasing demand the Company moved to larger premises in 1988 and again in 1994. Soon after this latest move the Company realised that Aluminium Production was on the decline in the UK as Multi- National Companies migrated to cheaper energy sources. The company focus was redirected towards companies in the Aerospace and Aerospace Heat Treatment sector. It was at this time that the Company routinely produced products that met and exceeded the requirements of the Aerospace standard AMS2750. This not only ensured customers could comply but also positioned them well to meet future Standards demands.

The UKAS Laboratory (No. 0600) was first accredited in 1998 and has been subject to continual investment, which means that it is one of the best commercially available thermal Laboratories in the world. All incoming thermocouple material now passes through the Laboratory.

In 2008 CCP became CCPI Europe Limited and a further move was made to a 30,000 square feet purpose built manufacturing and calibration facility. “The Temperature Technology Centre” was officially opened by HRH the Duke of Kent on 20th October 2009.

In 2010 closer collaboration was instigated with sister company MEFEC B.V. based in Amsterdam. Their sales and distribution organisation opened up Europe to thermocouple products “Made in Sheffield”. As this business grew MEFEC changed their name to CCPI Europe at the start of 2015.

Later in the June of that year, both companies were purchased from CCPI Inc. by The Marmon Group a Berkshire Hathaway Company, giving CCPI Europe the opportunity to grow from strength to strength.


Our world class manufacturing facilities allow us to focus on lean manufacturing to provide high quality, reliability, accuracy and short turnaround times on bespoke products; provided at a competitive cost.

Our UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory (No. 0600) (ISO17025) is the leading facility in the field of temperature measurement in the UK. It is considered one of the best in Europe and is capable of conducting the calibration of all the standard (and many non-standard) thermocouple types – and providing compliant calibration certification.

Our Experts

We have over 30 years experience delivering temperature measurement solutions to the aerospace, automotive, aluminium, glass industries and other sectors. Our products and support have not only helped our customers improve the quality of their products but our in-process solutions have helped them to reduce both downtime and operational costs.

Our technical design team has years of application expertise to provide bespoke solutions for specific customer requirements.
Each and every product that we offer is researched, designed and tested to ensure outstanding performance and to meet and – in most cases – surpass current industry standards.

Our team of experts ensure we provide the highest level of support to our customers and solve their temperature measurement issues.

We have highly experienced sales resources out in the field, both in the UK and Europe, to ensure we’re providing the best solution for customer specific applications.

We have a long history of technology innovation in the field of temperature measurement. We collaborate with a variety of partners in this area including national measurement institutes, leading universities, government agencies and other research institutions.

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Our collaboration with National Physical Laboratory to develop a new fixed point has seen our measurement uncertainties, for UKAS calibrations, reach levels much tighter than any other commercial laboratory.

Our expert team have been using our world class calibration laboratory to work with universities on improving temperature measurement at the highest levels.

Phone one of our experts to receive help with your temperature measurement requirements or enquiries. +44 (0)1909 775 333 | +31 (0)20 679 4411

Message us now to request more information about our services, products or calibration laboratory.

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