Recycling Precious Metals with a Metal Account

Metal account process

What are CCPI Europe doing to encourage the recycling of precious metals?

At CCPI Europe we offer our customers the opportunity to open a Metal Exchange Account with us. The main objective of a Metal Exchange Account is to reduce the cost of Precious Metal Thermocouples without reducing the quality of the product.

How does it work?

  • All Precious Metal salvage without exception undertakes collection. CCPI Europe can store this securely at our facility or the customer can keep until  we gather an economical weight for refining– Usually 800 grammes.
  • CCPI Europe then arranges the refining of the salvage.
  • Final values once the refining process is complete are added to a unique Metal Exchange Account.
  • New wire is purchased & Calibrated in the CCPI Europe Thermal Calibration Laboratory.
  • Finally, manufacturing of new Thermocouples takes place. Once redundant, all Precious Metal salvage without exception undertakes collection.
  • Then the process starts again.

Opening a CCPI Europe Metal Exchange Account:

The opening of a CCPI Europe Metal account can take place by either the return of salvage or an initial purchase of metal to credit the account.

Your CCPI Account Manager can discuss options further.

Metal account credit card 

The Benefits:

  • The cost reduction in operating a Metal Exchange Account is usually around 50%.
  • Also, this allows for accurate budgeting of thermocouple costs .
  • Consistent pricing is ensured whilst the account is maintained, as the costs are excluded from the fluctuating metal price.
  • It is good to know that any material returned to CCPI, is always the customers property during this process and remains your asset.
  • Finally, at the customer’s request CCPI Europe can arrange the sale of the precious metals at current market price and issue payment for the value.

Each month if required, CCPI Europe can also issue a  statement showing the status of the account. This will show all credit and debit transactions.