CCPI Europe’s new partnership with Whyy? Change

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CCPI Europe Ltd. is proud to announce a new transformation partnership with Whyy? Change, combining their Lean6 training solutions with CCPI’s long term strategy of continuous improvement. Here at CCPI Europe, we have an objective to be a Lean Business by the end of 2023. Therefore, Whyy? Change’s Lean6 training programme is here to ensure we achieve and smash that goal!

We have partnered with Whyy? Change in order to level up our business, embed Lean & Six Sigma training methodologies within our day-to-day roles and support the entire organisation in reaching our Lean business goal.

Ray Byrne, CEO of Whyy? Change added:

“We feel there’s a need to introduce the mindset of change, everyone is important, after all it’s the front line that make the business what it is.”

Jonathan and Ray Partnership

What is Lean6?

Lean6 is Whyy? Change’s unique brand for the Lean & Six Sigma qualifications, which come in the form of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt. Upon completion of any of these Lean & Six Sigma qualifications, those involved will receive a highly regarded and industry recognised certificate of training, whether that be Yellow, Green, or Black belt certified.

The Lean6 training programmes help to raise your businesses performance, focussing on process improvement, reducing downtime and waste to overall achieve operational excellence.

As part of this partnership, we have decided to incorporate Whyy? Change’s Lean6 logo within our uniforms. We applied the logos to indicate which level the member of staff is currently certified to. Each belt level requires a different level of expertise. Therefore this is a great way to help people know which members of staff to speak to.

LEAN shirts

LEAN shirts

Thoughts on the Lean6 training programme:

Diane Tipple, Quality Manager at CCPI Europe said:

“Lean6 has improved working areas. The initial visual impact from my observations has been striking with areas being brighter, tidier, cleaner, and more organised. The quote by Benjamin Franklin: “A place for everything, everything in its place” is definitely being implemented.

Teamwork is also being promoted across departments and the majority of people are engaging in the 6S events by coming up with ideas and suggestions on how to improve the work areas and flow. From my observations Motion waste is the main culprit of the 8 Forms of Waste that we are addressing by positioning day to day work items closer to workstations e.g. filing cabinets, tools, storage, scanners, printers etc…”

Jonathan Golding, Managing Director of CCPI Europe Ltd added:

“I participated in the first group of 10 staff going through the Lean 6 Yellow Belt Training provide by Ray at Whyy? Change. The training introduced us to the specifics of Six Sigma, how and where to apply it. There was great engagement from Ray with the team and many examples of Lean operations or processes were presented to help put our lean journey into context. There were group workshops, and everyone joined in the problem-solving tasks.

I left with a newfound lean mindset, and importantly as the business leader and change agent, it is vitally important to sustain the change through developing a lean culture of continuous improvement and respect for people.”

About CCPI Europe:

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CCPI Europe Temperature Technology Centre

CCPI Europe has grown to be the leading Thermocouple Manufacturer since it was founded in 1984 on the outskirts of Sheffield, UK.  Known famously as “The Steel City” thanks to its global reputation for steel production during the industrial revolution. With over 35 years of industry experience delivering temperature measurement solutions to a wide spectrum of industries. These include aerospace, automotive, glass, steel, and many more. They are the experts in the field of manufacturing and calibration of temperature sensors. Working in partnership with their customers to ensure they exceed their expectations.

For more information visit: www.ccpi-europe.com

About Whyy? Change:

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Whyy? Change HQ

Whyy? Change is a leading training provider based in South Yorkshire. They offer a range of apprenticeship solutions to help businesses upskill and develop their employees. They offer accredited qualifications as a part of their apprenticeship frameworks, created by some of the world’s leading accreditation bodies including Lean & Six Sigma, Leadership (CMI), HR & Learning (CIPD), Marketing (CIM), Quality HSE (Bureau Veritas) and Functional Skills (Pearson Edexcel).

For more information visit: www.whyychange.com