Life cycle of a Thermocouple

Lifecycle of a thermocouple

Have you ever wondered, what is the effective life cycle of a Thermocouple?

Calibrated thermocouples are designed to operate within a defined temperature range and tolerance (or limits). The effective life cycle of a thermocouple is the period of time during which the sensor remains stable and accurate within the temperature limits. When the thermocouple ‘drifts’ out of limits its effective life is ended and therefore must be replaced.

This has led to manufacturers and heat treaters having to look at using the less versatile and significantly more expensive Platinum/Rhodium (type R, S and B) noble metal thermocouples in temperature ranges above 1100 °C (2012 °F) for reliable and accurate measurements.

Want to find out more about drift? You can read our article on what causes Thermocouple drift below.

What causes drift in Thermocouples

Long Life Thermocouples: Type K & Type N

Long Life Mineral Insulated Dual Wall Low Drift Thermocouple

Have you heard of Dual Wall or Double Walled Mineral Insulated Cable? Probably not unless you have read the excellent Technical Papers on this product and materials.

But are you looking for Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath Type K and Type N Thermocouples that have a much greater EFFECTIVE LIFE?

CCPI Europe now offer LONG LIFE THERMOCOUPLES for Extended Life Solutions; for your High Temperature Demanding Applications. In addition, Long Life Thermocouples have demonstrated up to 90% Reduction in Drift at High Temperatures.  1,000’s of hours Laboratory Testing supports this.

Long Life Type K and Type N Thermocouple cable tolerances comply with IEC 60584-1; 2013 Class 1.

THINK:   Where do you have applications where you would prefer the thermocouple to have an extended useful life ?

  • Firstly, would this have a benefit to your service intervals?
  • Secondly, will this reduce thermocouple replacements and costs?
  • And Finally, would this increase your up-time and utilisation of systems?

CCPI Europe UK holds stock of :

  • 2mm Type K housed in an Inconel 600 outer sheath material
  • 3mm Type K housed in an Inconel 600 outer sheath material
  • 2mm Type N housed in an Inconel 600 outer sheath material
  • 3mm Type N housed in an Inconel 600 outer sheath material

How can we supply thermocouples to you?

  • By manufacturing Long Life Thermocouples using standard connectors and accessories
  • By calibrating Long Life Thermocouples to your specifications.

Therefore, our samples and orders can be with you within 10-15 working days.

Don’t hold back. Look at your continuous improvement initiatives.

THINK:  Where could an Extended Life Thermocouple benefit your operations or your customers operations?