Introducing the CCPI Europe thermocouple drawings booklet!

CCPI Europe thermocouple drawings booklet

Every single temperature sensor we produce at the Temperature Technology Centre is designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers; to whom precision temperature measurement is beyond essential to their operations.

Our in-house Draughtsman works tirelessly to convert our customers’ bespoke requirements, into technical CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings ready for manufacturing. The temperature sensors are then manufactured to mirror the precision of the technical drawing, ensuring our customers’ exact requirements are met.

Our new thermocouple drawings booklet shows our wide range of standard temperature sensors constructions. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the Thermocouple Drawings Booklet? Did you know we also manufacture bespoke-made temperature measurement solutions across a vast range of industries?

Check out the thermocouple drawings booklet below or view it here.

More about CCPI Europe

CCPI Europe was founded in 1984 on the outskirts of Sheffield, United Kingdom – known famously as “The Steel City” thanks to its global reputation for steel production during the industrial revolution.

With over 35 years of industry experience, we are the experts in the field of manufacturing and calibration of temperature sensors, working in partnership with our customers to ensure we don’t just meet but exceed their expectations.

More about the CCPI Europe Thermal Calibration Laboratory

The CCPI Europe UKAS accredited Thermal Calibration Laboratory (No. 0600) operates in the temperature range of –200 °C up to and including 1600 °C, and proudly holds some of the tightest uncertainties of measurement for thermal calibrations held by a commercial calibration laboratory.

The laboratory holds UKAS accreditation (No. 0600) (IEC 17025) for the calibration of thermocouples, resistance thermometers and associated measurement instrumentation such as controllers, indicators, chart records and multi-function calibrators. The accreditation to ISO 9001 is issued by BM TRADA and demonstrates the company’s dedication to quality and traceability.


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