Introducing the all new PYRO Tag

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Technology is always evolving, that’s one of the amazing things about it!
No matter when you think you’ve heard it all, someone comes up with new software or a new bit of kit to make life that little more like back to the future promised.
And yes, I’m still waiting for my hoverboard…

So, I’m going to pop on my self-lacing Nikes and dive straight into the new updates for PYRO Tag and why you’d be daft not to get on board. Unless, of course, you’re a chicken?

Okay, that’s enough back to the future references, let’s get into it.

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Our in-house software team has been busy doing a full re-write of PYRO Tag and cramming new features into the app to make it a one-stop-shop for all your thermocouple data.

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Saves you time

Developed specifically to reduce the lengthy process of data entry, giving you the time to focus on other tasks.

pyro tag x iconRemoves human error

All the thermocouple data you need can be sent directly to your email, removing costly errors & giving you peace of mind.

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Streamlines audits

All certificates are accessible from the app 24/7. No need for that mountain of paperwork on your desk.

So… what’s new?

🌡 PYRO Tag now works with Platinum/Precious Metal Assemblies

All CCPI Europe Thermocouples now come with smart tags, this includes Platinum/Precious Metal Assemblies going forward.

The new swipe menu design makes using PYRO Tag even quicker than before

We’ve streamlined the new swipe menu & app layout makes accessing your Thermocouple data even quicker and easier.

🔒 Secure encryption ensures your data is under lock and key

The new app programming language is even more secure than before. Keeping your data, yours!

📱 The user-friendly interface and fresh new look

The app has undergone a brand-new design to give it a new modern look

👨‍💻 Compatibility with C3 Data’s furnace compliance software

C3 Data customers will also have a QR code on their Smart Tags for compatibility with C3’s furnace compliance software. PYRO Tag users have the ability to scan either the Barcode or QR code to access their data.

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Download PYRO Tag now or update your app for the new features.

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