CCPI Europe signs license with UK National Physical Laboratory for self-validating thermocouples

INSEVA signing at NPL

CCPI Europe is happy to announce that it has signed the license agreement with UK’s National Measurement Institute (NMI). As well as the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for the self-validating thermocouple, INSEVA (Integrated Self-validating thermocouple).

On the 15th of May 2018, representatives from CCPI Europe visited NPL (Teddington, UK). This was to formally sign the exclusive licence agreement for the new revolutionary INSEVA technology.

This state-of-the-art, new technology operates by employing the same principles as used in thermal calibration laboratories. This is for the highest level of calibration, i.e. the fixed-point method of calibration.

The reliable melting/freezing point of pure metal and more recently using metal carbide eutectics to calibrate thermocouples at set fixed point temperatures.

Copper, for example, freezes (goes through the transition from a liquid to a solid) at 1084.62 °C

The “INSEVA” thermocouple incorporates the fixed-point calibration techniques. Therefore making a calibration on the thermocouple. All whilst still behaving like a conventional thermocouple assembly.

As the environment temperature passes through the fixed-point melting/freezing point of the material, the thermocouple voltage reading ‘hesitates’ as it transits the melting/freezing point of the material. We then check the reading from the thermocouple against the temperature. This determines the true temperature from the melting/freezing point of the material, and make a measurement. Then using the measurement to account for the calibration accuracy/drift of the thermocouple.

Thoughts on INSEVA

Jonathan Pearce, Principal Research Scientist and head of contact thermometry at NPL, said:

“I am very happy that CCPI Europe are taking this technology forward, and I am confident that it will lead us further towards the goal of traceable in-process reference standards for reliable industrial temperature measurements. As early adopters who are open to new ideas and are capable of following them through, CCPI Europe should be able to implement the new sensing methodology in a way that is accessible to a broad base of end-users.”

Jonathan Golding, Managing Director of CCPI Europe, added,

“CCPI Europe is honoured and delighted to be have been selected by NPL to take this technology forward. CCPI Europe; a Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable Company / Berkshire Hathaway organisation, is well-positioned to promote this new technology across multiple industries and corresponding applications. Our depth of application knowledge and industry ties in heat treatment and thermal processes around the world, now with the support of the NPL team, will allow CCPI Europe to refine this technology in cooperation with forward-thinking customers”

For more information on INSEVA contact CCPI Europe;

UK – Email: sales@ccpi-europe.com Tel: +44 (0) 1909 775333

EU – Email: info@ccpi-europe.com Tel: +31 (0) 20 679 4411

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