2nd Year Anniversary of CCPI Europe Ltd joining Marmon Electrical

Marmon 2nd year Anniversary

On 2nd July 2015, CCPI Europe Ltd after 31 years was acquired from CCPI USA and joined Marmon Electrical. Strategic to the acquisition was the future partnership with another Marmon company; TE Wire & Cable based in Saddle Brook NJ.  Since 2015 the European Team at CCPI Europe have received extensive product training on TE Wire & Cable superior range of Calibrated Thermocouple Cables,  Extension Cables, and Compensating Cables including the highly successful AccuClave series of Calibrated Thermocouple Sensor Assemblies for use in Aerospace Composite Autoclave applications.

“The relationship with both TE Wire & Cable and The Marmon Group has made significant contributions to the business in a relatively short time” said Jonathan Golding; Managing Director at CCPI Europe Ltd. CCPI Europe continues to offer our European customers the most accurate Calibrated Temperature Sensors. These are highly demanding applications in the field of Heat Treatment Processing. Therefore, this supports the European Aerospace Markets, through to Calibrated Thermocouple Cables for Metallurgy processing.

“The company’s growth over the next few years CCPI Europe Ltd will supply Calibrated Thermocouples to European Aerospace Composites market. This is a very exciting time for the company with new product developments entering the markets and future transformative growth with the development of software solutions and services providing increased value to both existing and new customers across Europe”

CCPI Europe Ltd continues to stock and supply Flux Pipes, Riser Tubes, Syalon Sheaths, and all types of accessories.

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