New smart sensor set to revolutionise management of calibration data

Pyro tag smart sensor tag thermocouple scan

CCPI Europe Ltd is proud to launch a new smart sensor solution for secure and reliable tracking of thermocouple calibration data.

To meet the challenging technical needs of our customers, CCPI Europe have developed existing RFID technology to capture information that has traditionally been recorded and manipulated manually, giving the user instant access to all quality and calibration data in an electronic format.

The eradication of the manual handling of data removes completely the potential for data corruption when information is transferred manually.

The end result is an easier quality audit, fewer risks, and less processing time for the end-user.

The essential statistics include:

  • Thermocouple Serial numbers.
  • Calibration Data.
  • Quality information.
  • The potential to set “first use” and other time-sensitive reminders.

This information can then be read using any Android device using the CCPI Smart Sensor App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Once downloaded, the application allows the following:

  • The ability to download a copy of the Thermocouple Coil Calibration Certificate and/or Certificate of Conformity. This can also be emailed to the registered user at the tap of a button.
  • The option of downloading a full Excel Spreadsheet of the calibration data, which again can be emailed on request.
  • Easy generation of quotations for replacement devices and/or re-ordering of replacement sensors.

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