CCPI Europe Team celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cambridge Enterprise

4 April 2017 By Robert Godley

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The CCPI team were happy to be invited to attend the 10 year anniversary event which took place in Kings College Cambridge on Wednesday 29th March.

Cambridge Enterprise was formed by the University of Cambridge in 2007 to help students and staff commercialise their expertise and ideas.

The relationship between CCPI Europe and their parent company the Marmon Group and Cambridge Enterprise was central to the signing of the licence agreement on the revolutionary new base metal mineral insulated thermocouple cable technology developed at Cambridge University.

CCPI Europe attending 10th anniversary eventPictured, ( left to right ), are Peter Cowley, Production Director CCPI Europe Ltd, Michele Scervini Research Scientist University of Cambridge, Margaret Wilkinson Technology Manager Cambridge Enterprise Ltd, Tony Raven CEO Cambridge Enterprise Ltd, Trevor Ford Technical Director CCPI Europe Ltd, Norbert Baumann Managing Director ISOMIL® MiL GmbH.